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About us

Welcome to the site, even more pleasure will shake Your hand in our Muay Thay Camp!

Trainings on paradise island in a beautiful, picturesque place - on the mountain overlooking the sea and cleanest air - this is a dream of any fighter. Especially, in our case, trainings take place at the homeland of Muay Thai with trainers, masters of their craft.

You will like that here you can easily communicate in Russian and English and share experiences with people from different countries.

The camp was opened in July 2013 and since then successfully brings up fighters. When You reach good results, or maybe You are already  an experienced fighter, then You can provide the opportunity to test the strength of their will and bones!))

Arrive to visit us - the  effectiveness of training and a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere will not leave you indifferent. Surely You will be looking for an opportunity to come back to us to improve your spirit and body. 





6 000 BAHT - MONTH

4 500 BAHT - 3 WEEKS

3 000 BAHT - 2 WEEKS

1 500 BAHT - 1 WEEK

3 000 BAHT/MONTH - 3 times a week   

300 baht - 1 training

personal training:   1 hour 800 baht

split training - 1000 baht

We invite everyone for training, regardless of gender, age or fitness level!


Contact us

Tom Muay Thai Gym

Koh Samui, Thailand

Tel: +668-630-272-88 WhatsApp,Viber  

Email: tommuaithai@gmail.com

Skype: tomastomas7220

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